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i2i Chair

by Steelcase


The i2i collaborative lounge chair was designed for users to retain eye-to-eye and eye-to-information contact.

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Product Description

i2i Chair

A lounge chair designed to foster collaboration. i2i’s seat and back swivel independently so as you shift in the chair so you can stay aligned with the conversation or the technology. While you change postures, the flexing fingers that make up the back move with you and provide the necessary amount of support at the right time. With no adjustments, i2i allows users to get comfortable quickly and stay engaged in their work.



  • An innovative lounge chair designed specifically for informal spaces to enhance collaboration
  • Seat and back swivel together or independently, enabling users to change posture while maintaining eye contact with information or each other
  • Flexing fingers in backrest provides comfort and promotes movement when used for long periods of time
  • i2i keeps you comfortable without forcing you to fiddle with levers. No adjustments needed
  • Weight tested up to 300 lbs. with no loss of performance


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